A Little Travel In A Small Town, Dinant

Dinant is a lovely small town in Belgium, in the province of Namur, located 90 kilometers south of Bruxelles, in a picturesque landscape on the valley of Meuse. Due to the association with Adolphe Sax, the most famous of its inhabitants and inventor of the saxophone, Dinant is always where the musi…
Written by lorette on Wednesday February 17, 2016
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Walking through questions

I walked one morning, in the park behind the castle Gaasbeek in Belgium, a Dutch style castle hidden in a small forest. I found these three portraits on a bench with a question in French: "Quel est ton désir?" What is your desire?
Written by lorette on Monday February 15, 2016
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The hunger in communism

I remember so clearly how my mother woke me every morning to buy bread, milk, butter, yogurt and sometimes cream. When we have cream on the table, it was feast.. :) So look my everyday life under communism.
Written by lorette on Friday August 7, 2015
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How I became a florist

When you are an artist, all areas of your life are influenced by this. I started a play to arrange flowers at my brother's wedding and I ended up falling in love with flowers. No kidding, if I start doing something I don't know what to quit to have enough time for that something. :)
Written by lorette on Wednesday November 4, 2015
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